Viruses and Internet Security

If your computer is connected to the Internet, regardless of your efforts to keep it from happening, eventually you will encounter a virus or other infection such as spyware or other malware. We don't play the "blame game" when this happens, we simply bring forth our efforts to bring your machine back to its former usable state. We maintain updated tools for malware removal, and work diligently at your machine until the virus is rendered harmless.

Many viruses cannot be removed remotely, however, so an on-site visit is often required. In this situation, we will often bring your computer back to our lab for service so that your technician is not in your way. Should your machine require reformatting to remove the infection, we work with you to be sure that critical data is properly restored.

To ensure your systems' security, we may recommend installation of software or adjustment of your operating systems' security settings, depending on your needs.

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Recommended Product

Trend Micro AntiVirus+ 2017

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