Computer Care and Maintenance

Like any other machine, your computer needs to be maintained regularly in order to keep performing well over time. Whether you call it "maintenance", a "PC Tune Up", or something else, keeping your machine and its operating system properly maintained will extend its life and help keep it healthy. This can even help to prevent infection with viruses and other malware.

A great benefit of having us perform regular maintenance on your machine is that you have a professional technician working on your machine on a regular basis. We can sometimes pick up on things that you do not see coming (like running out of hard disk space), and help you head off potential problems before they happen.

Please contact us for more information.

Recommended Product

Ccleaner Professional

CCleaner has always been a staple for technicians and users for cleaning up the junk that gets left behind by browsers and other software. This Pro version offers real-time system monitoring, scheduled cleanings, and premium support. System optimization with CCleaner is always fast and efficient.